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Book Review: Love Possible Marriage Impossible by Anurag Kumar

Love Possible Marriage Impossible
Author: Anurag Kumar
Publisher: Inkquills Publishing House
Rating: 1.5/5

Love is boundless as it cannot be chained by whims and uncanny notions. Nor can it be controlled by the rules of the book. It happens when it has to happen. However, society doesn’t quite encourage the idea of loving beyond borders- both physical and mental. Love Possible Marriage Impossible is a novella that touches upon the numerous problems that come along the path of love. It highlights the role of people and their notions about religion and how those beliefs prevent a person from experiencing the happiness that love brings along.

The story is about Prem and his loveless life. Baffled by the invisible problems that casteism creates, Prem tries to explore the poignancy of inter-caste love marriages. The plot is cliched yet the anticipated twists keep the flow going. The narrative is drab and the editing is awful. More focus on the language, editing and redundant dialogues could have been given.

Overall, Love Possible Marriage Impossible, as the title suggests, is about how love is mere happenstance while marriage bears the brunt of all the ideas and baseless theories that people have.

Best wishes to the author!

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