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#Review: 10 Indian Languages and How They Came to Be

10 Indian Languages and How They Came to Be
Author: Karthik Venkatesh
Publisher: Penguinsters

Karthik Venkatesh’s exploration of ten diverse Indian languages in his book offers a captivating journey through the cultural tapestry of India. From the ancient richness of Tamil to the lesser-known gems like Kokborok and Brahui, Venkatesh delves deep into their evolution, highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped their linguistic landscapes. Through meticulous research, he unveils the intricate interplay of social, political, and cultural forces that have influenced these languages over time. From the literary treasures they hold to the fascinating evolution of their scripts, Venkatesh provides a comprehensive overview that celebrates the resilience and vibrancy of these linguistic traditions. ‘10 Indian Languages’ is an enlightening read that offers a nuanced understanding of India’s linguistic diversity and the dynamic forces that continue to shape it.

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