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Book Review: A Love So Special by Deepak Srivastava

A Love So Special
Author: Deepak Srivastava
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 4/5

Unlike the usual love stories, ‘A Love So Special’ is special and different. Often some authors touch that corner of your heart which stays in the dormant state for a long time. The author does right that through this book. Genuine, emotional and simple, this story of love between parents and their children is sure to leave you overwhelmed.

A Love So Special is Nikhil’s story. His tumultuous past and his constant effort to come to grips with the present reality is something that forms the crux of the plot. Happily married to Neha and enjoying the parenthood, Nikhil’s peace is compromised when his son, Raghu, goes missing. During the search operation, the father is sent down memory lane. Packed with emotions and a bit of action, this story highlights the strength that one needs to harness in order to save their loved ones. While our society still believes that it is the parents whose love is the purest and the deepest, Raghu proves this belief wrong when he is given the chance to prove his love for his ‘Spiderman.

Simple writing makes this book a quick read. The author must be appreciated for his plotting. What I missed in this book was the taut narration. On several occasions, I felt the descriptions could have been avoided.

Overall, this is a comfortable read and quick to finish too.

Best wishes to the author!

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