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Book Review: A Trunk Full of Sunshine by Sapna Dhyani Devrani

A Trunk Full of Sunshine
Author: Sapna Dhyani Devrani
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

We cannot argue the toss that the life of an army officer is not only tough but also filled with uncertainty. But we also cannot deny the fact that their families suffer equally. They are mostly grasping at straws because of the unpredictability of life. ‘A Trunk Full of Sunshine’ gives us those moments of hope, optimism and light when the sun’s rays peek through the dark black clouds and make their way home.

The book is a collection of 27 short stories or rather instances that narrate those little meaningful and memorable experiences. Slapstick humour clubbed with genuine emotions can be seen throughout the book. I finished the book in one go owing to lucid narration and simple ideas. However, the events are not extraordinary; they are regular episodes from the life of a housewife. The stories lack the element that causes a stir in the mind.

Overall, the book is a light read but time and again one can spot grammatical errors that might irk the readers.

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