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Book Review: Art of Winning by Radhakrishnan Pillai

Art of Winning: The Chanakya Way
Author: Radhakrishnan Pillai
Rupa Publications
Rating: 4

Success is the ultimate destination that each individual craves. How or whether one reaches this destination is a bone of contention. Some say that success depends on luck while some believe that success is a result of hard work. Some even say that values determine if one is going to become successful or not. Rather than believing what ‘some’ have to say, it is always wise to follow your instinct after gathering enough knowledge from all possible sources. Art of winning focuses on just that- the importance of meticulous planning and efficient execution of strategies.

The Chanakya Neeti forms the crux of this book. According to this, wisdom and tact play a major role in achieving goals. The author emphasizes the importance of writing down things, studying in detail, being punctilious and seeking advice from experts. Sama, Dana, Danda and Bheda play a vital role in our life. Life’s a game of pitch and toss; careful planning and keeping a backup plan can always help you in this gamble. Hence, Chanakya suggests using discussion (Sama), Financial benefits (Dana), Punishment (Danda) and Bheda (Split) to overcome obstacles. Knowing that delusions are our biggest enemies, the author tries to explain the importance of meditation, inclination towards spirituality and connection with peers.

Each one of us is a winner. We just need to nurture that energy and bring the braver ‘you’ to the forefront. With the help of 15 chapters, Art of Winning takes you on a journey of exploring hidden strengths and aims to make you wiser and more confident. The content is well-written and has a mass appeal owing to its simplicity and relatability. This is a good book if one hasn’t already made an acquaintance with the Chanakya Neeti!

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