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Book Review: Be You by Chris Cirak

Be You: The Journey of Self-realization
Chris Cirak
Chris Cirak
Rating: 3/

Quite similar to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Be You is a self-help book that helps the readers identify the barriers that prevent them from opening up their mind to a more progressive and enriching transition. It employs simple strategies that can help one achieve a clear headspace, maintain calm and invite peaceful thoughts into the mind. Divided into several chapters that deal with smaller issues one at a time, this book offers a simple narrative that often sounds repetitive as it would have been read in another book about mindfulness.

Sadly, no new concepts are touched but the taut information is something that I liked about this book. This book also reminded me of Covey’s 7 Habits that discusses the triggers and reactions in detail. Here, too, the author enables the readers to identify the triggers and measure the responses in such a way that they do not mar the mental health.

The second part of the book is more complex as it deals with the abstract feelings of love, hope, loss, longing, despondency and choices. I say that it is complex as I understand the amount of thinking and effort it might have required from the author. Neatly penned down using simple language, this book is suitable for the ones who are reading about exploring the inner strengths to combat trivial problems. For the ones, who have delved into other books of the same genre, this might not leave you satiated.

Best wishes to the author!

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