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Book Review: Best Intentions by Simran Dhir

Best Intentions
: Simran Dhir
Publisher: Harper Collins, India
Rating: 3.5/5

Often what lies before the eyes is untrue! This holds true for relationships too. Man is a social animal and to meet his needs, man can go to any length, take advantage of anyone or anything and can even give up what’s most precious to him. Best intentions marshals several characters in one single setting and gives us a glimpse of life that has a tinge of politics, ambition, love, jealousy, hatred and vengeance.

The story begins with a conversation about Gayatri’s marriage that’s overdue for a long time. The Mehras are losing their wits because their daughter is keener on saving her journal than on parading before strangers in an earnest attempt of getting hitched. Enter Akshay Grewal, Gayatri’s sister’s brother-in-law who promises to salvage the drowning journal. The sparks between Gayatri and Akshay are that of the cold war. The author highlights the fragility of conscience and the intricate cobweb that the brain weaves when minds don’t align. The progression of the story is fairly paced as every character has his/ her share to share. When Vikram invades Gayatri’s life, the turbulent storm that he brings along leaves Gayatri seething with resentment and agony. Why and what is answered as one inches towards the climax. Weaving a complex web of politics, desire, motives and relationships, Simran Dhir deftly portrays how tactless handling can spoil even the strongest bond. But no matter what, family always stays by your side even when all’s at stake.

Best Intentions holds sarcasm in the title itself. The story is likeable yet the length can perturb the flow. I feel a lot was put into one book. Honestly, as a reader, I generally tend to pick books that belong to the standard size category. The size and thickness of this book was a total turn off for me. The writing is good. I missed the jargon that could have aided the readers to understand the background more. Nevertheless, it’s an entertainer.

Best wishes to the author!

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