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Book Review: Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh

Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman
Author: Mehool Parekh
Publisher: Leadstart Inkstate
Rating: 3/5

Crime/ mystery is one genre that fascinates all types of audiences. Mehool Parekh’s Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman is a crime-based novella that traces the brutal murder of Rupali. Unlike most other books based on a similar premise, this novella has a long-lasting flavour in its narrative owing to three different storylines being followed.

Not only does the author follow the cues that lead to Rupali’s murder, but he also throws light on the life of the murderer and the investigating officer. Seamlessly weaving the threads of parallel stories together, the author doesn’t fail to mesmerize the readers with a taut plot. However, the weak editing skills blotch the overall impact. The language is crude and needs polishing. Sentences have been framed in spoken English and that is something I despised.

Nevertheless, the story passes the muster in terms of touching upon some of the important themes like casting couch, the battle between needs and desires and the deplorable working conditions in government offices. Rupali’s character, even though unlikeable, leaves an impact on the mind. Batty’s character, however, lacks depth. His sidekick or partner, Robin, turns out to be quite amusing and amiable.

Overall, this book is worth a read. The pace is slow and that might seem bothersome but the climax will not disappoint you for sure.

Best wishes to the author.

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