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#Review: Biji’s in the Kitchen by Natasha Sharma

Biji's in the Kitchen
Author: Natasha Sharma
Publisher: Penguinsters

This Hook Book is super fun because Biji can bruise your taste buds with her freestyle cooking. Whether it is Lauki Halwa or Slimy Bhindi, she has it her way or the highway. While the others in the house often look for excuses not to have her food, Biji, an artist of the sorts, finds ways to convince them to taste her food. So many lessons in such a short narrative! Impressive.

Acknowledging the efforts of everyone who tries to cheer you up, trying till you succeed and being polite even when you dislike something are some great takeaways for young children in this book. An absolutely delicious story, laced with colourful pictures and attention-grabbing font, Biji’s in the Kitchen is a quick read. Go for it.

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