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#Review: Both of You by Adele Parks

Both of You
Author: Adele Parks
Publisher: Harper Collins
Rating: 3.5/5

I haven’t read Adele Parks before; thus, Both of You seemed pretty delightful to me. This psychological thriller plays with your mind and takes you on a short who-dun-it spree. But the curtains are drawn too soon to relish the aftermath of a tremendous mid plot twist.

The story is based on two women and their sudden disappearance. The two women protagonists are present in extremely different situations yet there is an uncanny similarity in their circumstances. While Leigh Fletcher is a young woman who has a loving husband and two stepchildren, Kai Jansenn is a childless woman who is happy in her own skin and appreciates what she has rather than crying over what she doesn’t. The story begins when these two women suddenly disappear. As the mystery unfolds, real intentions are unmasked and the readers are treated with improvisatory twists.

With a crisp and engaging narrative, the story doesn’t fail to impress. It is interesting to read Leigh’s monologue about her ignorant children and her constant struggle to cope with her mental peace. It is also interesting to draw parallels between the characters of Kai and Leigh. What didn’t quite fit well with the narrative was an abrupt climax. Nevertheless, Both of You is interesting suspense that is sure to provide some genuine hair-raising moments.

Best wishes to the author!

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