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#Review: Bruised Passports by Savi and Vid

Bruised Passports
Authors: Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja
Publisher: Harper Collins, India
Rating: 3/5

Having followed Bruised Passports like how little girls, with stars in their eyes, look up to their super cool seniors, I was in for a treat when I started reading Bruised Passports. I share some common interests with Savi and one of them is the love for language. In this book, Savi and Vid do complete justice to that aspect. The storytelling, foreshadowing and other elements of writing are well in place. Laced with delicious visual imagery and experiences not everyone is lucky to have, Bruised Passports is like the dessert after a meal.

Sadly, the book fails to deliver what it promises. Another common interest that I share with Savi is that of travelling. So, when I expected the book to take me one step closer to becoming a digital nomad, I was at crossroads. I didn’t know if the aim of the book was to deliver travel stories or to help people understand the whats and hows of travelling full-time! When I say this, I also agree that there are some insights into planning and execution yet those pointers are the deliverables that all travel vloggers provide.

Right from the sudden appearance of the aurora borealis to the realization that travelling is what made these two lovebirds complete, it’s just like knowing more and more about your favourite couple. In that regard, each chapter and the visit to a new wonderland that is associated with that chapter win your heart right away. Flawless language just acts as a cherry on the cake. I can’t stop loving Savi for this! She’s immaculate with her thoughts and expressive with her feelings! Hence, Bruised Passports caters to the reader in me but fails to help the traveller who has been looking for tips and tricks!

Best wishes to the authors! May you travel more and more!

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