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Book Review: Communication Skills Training by Ian Tuhovsky

Communication Skills Training
Author: Ian Tuhovsky
Publishers: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Intolerance has become a new cult in the present world. The umpteen vicissitudes of life often provoke our wrath and prevent us from being genial and cordial. While we all have various reasons or excuses for not being able to communicate properly, the real reasons do vary. In this book, the author explains those real reasons that affect our communication with others and lists ways that can help us think before we speak.

Communication Skills Training is claimed to be a practical guide for improving communication skills. The content has been divided into various chapters that elaborate on the problems first and then contain a detailed explanation of the mindset that comes along with those problems. For instance, the author illustrates the importance of understanding others’ map of reality so that one can empathize and thereby, manipulate the words that might not come across as impolite. He also stresses on avoiding conflicts, being open to constructive criticism, being intuitive, building rapport and working towards creating a better version of yourself.

If you expect a step-wise solution to combat the hurdles in the process of speaking in this book, then you are wrong, for this book is more theoretical than practical. There is no doubt that the approach is right and can help you in the long run but it is true that it will take an open mind and calm emotions to understand the context of what has been written.

Easy language and relatable examples add to the content. Reading this is imperative as communication is not only about delivery but also about the right mindset and channelized perception.

Best wishes to the author!

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