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Book Review: Cranium Retaliations by Isaak Sank

Cranium Retaliations
Poet: Isaak Sank
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
Rating: 3.5/5

Symbolism and metaphorical references are some of the key elements of an allegorical poem. Often when the vicissitudes in life become unbearable, it becomes imperative to vent out the pent up emotions using words that are both evocative and powerful. Isaak Sank’s poetry collection Cranium Retaliations is one such attempt in voicing out the problems, notions and emotions.

The poems in Cranium Retaliations are poignant, sardonic yet meaningful. They open an alternate door where the ignored possibilities are given importance. For instance, in the poem Al Supreme, the poet brings out the display of remarkable ineptitude of racists. The poem Cold Jazz explores the pathos of a warzone where music is the only gas the soldiers can enjoy. On the Stairs urges the young readers to respect and love their culture. Then there are poems that are an ode to various people as well as to objects that the poet sees on a daily basis. I liked Shangelin and the Theory because of its subtle depiction of darkness in life.

Isaak Sank’s poetry might not be organized (at least I didn’t find that order) but it definitely strikes the right chord by bringing out the essence of symbols, art, Literature and feelings. There are no defined verses, no particular rhyme scheme. In fact, majorly there are long paragraphs. Had the poet categorized his selection of poems under a different heading, the message would have been clearer.

This poetry collection depicts the ambiguous role of the poet as the mediator between thoughts and words. The poet’s use of vocabulary is impressive yet at times, difficult to understand. But once you understand the context, you will realize that this collection of poems is strong and moving. It will definitely make the readers reflect upon the unsaid struggles, withered hope and inevitable loss.

Best wishes to the poet!

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