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Book Review: Creator’s Image by Shwetha H.S.

Creator’s Image
Author: Shwetha H. S.
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 4/5

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost

Our mind is a labyrinth that controls and dictates all the bodily as well as mental functions. It is the strongest organ that is not only capable of getting things done but also making others do things. Thus, it is often termed as the Creator. We also know that mind gives birth to thoughts and emotions which further give rise to sins and virtues. Based on a similar concept, the Creator’s Image presents us with a collection of short stories that offer kaleidoscopic patterns of how the mind functions.

Whether it is the story of salvaging your self-esteem and then eventually giving in to the concept of a second chance or exiting an unproductive marriage, most of the stories have an unpredictable ending and that is what stuck with me. There are cliffhangers and that is something I like the most. The stories have a distinct flavour as they cover a variety of topics: the plethora of problems that come along a terminal illness, the uncanny human mindset that looks out for fodder for gossip, the unchartered territories that people venture into in order to save their glory and the diabolical games that our mind is capable of playing.

The author’s insight into the not-so-seriously-taken-issues becomes quite clear. Her words do justice to her thought process and that acts as a brownie point for this book. The narrative is smooth and the transition from the rising action to the indirect resolution is praiseworthy. Neat editing and taut plot make this book an interesting read. Some stories did have a drawback as their composition didn’t do justice to their characters. Even the climax in some cases seemed quite predictable. But that is purely the creative license of the author.

Overall, I would recommend this book to every Literature enthusiast because it does offer food for thought.

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