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Book Review: Curse of Suspicion by Dr Sujay Kantawala

Curse of Suspicion
Author: Dr. Sujay Kantawala
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Trust is a dicey subject. Not everyone is willing to put in that kind of effort to make oneself trustworthy. Following the same principle is the story of the novella ‘Curse of Suspicion’. Trying to showcase the true side of a diabolical mind, the book mixes fiction and fantasy together in an attempt to present a plot that involves thrill and suspense.

Curse of Suspicion is a story of a hapless child who bears the brunt of his father’s actions. Accused of the murder of his mother, Satyajit, is at loggerheads; he doesn’t know what to do. His father, Duryodhan, is prejudiced against his own son. His actions are morally reprehensible, quite in coherence with the name. Being an advocate himself, he designs a ploy that could get him rid of his wife and his son at the same time. The tables are, however, turned when Satyajit ends up spoiling the stratagem and putting up a decent fight.

The story oscillates amidst various perspectives. With lucid narrative, the story is easy to understand in spite of having so many characters. However, not every character holds that much depth. The editing has been overlooked and thus, there are plenty of grammatical errors. The author has used the local dialect which surely guarantees more connection with the plot.

I didn’t quite like the chaotic amalgamation of themes because that tends to make you lose focus from the central theme of the plot.

Overall, the story is interesting owing to the element of mystery.
Best wishes to the author!

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