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Book Review: Dark and White by Shweta Brijpuria

Dark and White: Vol.1
Author: Shweta Brijpuria
Publisher: Leadstart Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Yin and yang simply represent the natural dualities in our world like hot and cold, day and night, dark and white and love and hate! These are also the symbols of balance because that is what sustains the whole system. Caught in the whirlpool of plentiful lies and the swamp of hatred that often remains unseen, Dark and White explores the pathos of political influence and bigotry that often jeopardises even the most precious and pious relationships.

When Keval Kishore passes away leaving behind an umpteen number of entangled threads that link to his personal as well as professional life, the readers are left in a quandary, for it becomes all the more interesting to make assumptions and identify the murderer. Surprisingly, all seven suspects are closely related to the deceased and every time a mystery seems to be nearing its end, the dice is rolled not in the readers’ favour. Fast-paced narrative aided me in reading Dark and White but the presence of so many grammatical errors often irked me. The genre is perfect and the execution of the plot is fabulous. But alas! The characters appear as mere caricatures and that doesn’t help in establishing a connection with the characters.

Overall, Dark and White is an impressive attempt at thriller genre. The plot is taut and the climax is definitely going to make you do a double take.

Best wishes to the author!

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