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Book Review: Dark Blossom by Neel Mullick

Dark Blossom
Author: Neel Mullick
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Running away from our diabolical past is something that most of us do. But when a similar past becomes our present, the real events start to unfold. ‘Dark Blossom’ is about the temerity that is required to sail through the woes and weal that haunt usevery now and then. It is a visual of the dark and complicated labyrinth inside the brain and psyche.

Impressive plotting and engaging dialogues make this book a riveting read. The author describes Sam, the protagonist, as a hysterical man who has lost his wife and son in an accident. He finds it extremely difficult to come to grips with the reality and thus, seeks Cynthia’s help. Cynthia, a frivolous yet empathetic psychiatrist, finds herself sailing in the same boat as Sam’s. His diabolical past and her fiendish present coincide. They meet by chance but destiny keeps bringing them together.

With a limited number of characters, the author’s sheer brilliance in crafting appealing characters is evident. Right from an obstinate and taciturn Lily to a clandestine and flip-flopper Sam, each character has a measured role in the story and helps the story pass the muster. The superfluous and humdrum descriptions, however, break the reading pace. I think more dialogues would have served the purpose.

Cynthia’s character is relatable and her plight too. Dealing with a recent divorce and a bothersome teen, she searches for any port in the storm and in this process fails miserably in her judgment (s). The author succeeds in presenting a veneer behind and then exposing the real faces of the characters (the majority of them). Stirring, powerful and intense, the threads of the story have been woven so intricately that it leaves no scope for the reader to lose the plot.

Overall, Dark Blossom (barring the letters of ‘BLOSSOM’ on the cover) fits the bill. A well-recommended read!

Best wishes to the author!

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