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#Review: Devi for Millennials by Bibek Devroy

Devi for Millennials
Author: Bibek Devroy
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 5/5

The sole reason I opted for this book was the half-baked information I have on Devi worship. The idea of Devi Pujan and the powers with which this goddess can help one conquer all battles has been perpetuated in every Indian household. Therefore, it would be only fitting to read this book and understand the ‘saar’ of the shlokas that form the crux of any chanting.

Devi for Millennials is concise and provides translations that are easy to understand. Right from the rituals, their significance and their relevance in present times, this book entails a narrative that will help young readers understand why and how the goddess is worshipped. Emphasizing the omnipresence of this deity, the author has beautifully brought out the importance of Shakti Peethas too.

Overall, it’s an interesting book for those who believe in the power of this goddess and for those who prefer having a radical mindset than following anything blindly.

Best wishes to the author!

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