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Book Review: Discover India- Festivals of India by Sonia Mehta

Festivals of India
Sonia Mehta
Children’s book
Puffin Books

India is a land of diversity and traditions. If it were not for this country, the people wouldn’t have understood the essence of spending time with their loved ones, bonding over any occasion and celebrating the victory of good over evil. In every household, it is a mandatory ritual to educate the children about the history of our country and elucidate the reasons behind celebrating so many festivals. No doubt that the children understand better when they experience the situation but allowing them to learn something from the cold print is not bad either.

Sonia Mehta (I love her for the kind of series she releases for young children) has come up with another book that doesn’t involve mathematical skills or analytical skills. This book is about the festivals of India. Right from Lohri that is celebrated in the month of January to Christmas celebrated in the month of December, this book briefly describes the history, reason and the rituals that govern the festivals. Collation of information about 60 festivals, this book is very informative, colourful and interactive as well. It is well-suited for the likes of children.

Overall, Festivals of India is a must-buy for all the parents who want their children to learn about the celebrations at a young age.

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