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#Review: Fall of the School of Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Fall of the School of Good and Evil
Author: Soman Chainani
Publisher: Harper Collins

In “Fall of the School for Good and Evil,” Soman Chainani continues the captivating journey he began in the Rise of the School for Good and Evil series. Released on May 2, 2023, this second volume delves deeper into the intricate world he has created, offering readers a compelling blend of fantasy, suspense, and thought-provoking themes.

The story picks up where its predecessor left off, as tensions between the twin protagonists, Rhian and Rafal, reach a boiling point. As a new candidate for the role of School Master emerges, the already simmering conflicts take a dangerous turn. This candidate’s entry into the scene sets the stage for a power struggle that promises to reshape the dynamics of the school and its occupants.

The narrative takes an unexpected twist with the arrival of familiar faces – James Hook, Aladdin, and Princess Kyma – in Neverland. This trio of ex-students adds fuel to the fire, instigating the ambitious and ruthless Peter Pan to mount his own bid for control over the school. The stage is set for a battle of epic proportions, where fairy-tale characters are forced to confront not only external threats but also their own inner demons.

Chainani masterfully explores these themes, using the blurred boundaries between Good and Evil to challenge conventional narrative norms. The characters, each with their unique motivations and shades of grey, exemplify the complexity of human nature. The introduction of feminist themes adds another layer of depth to the narrative, as a group of punk Neverland fairies and a man-hunting troll join Princess Kyma in asserting their independence.

Beyond its thematic richness, the book is visually vivid. Chainani’s descriptions breathe life into the world he has crafted, and the characters’ diverse skin tones reflect the vibrant diversity that the narrative embraces. The inclusion of colourful trolls adds an element of visual spectacle to the story.

While the final art is not seen, the anticipation for what it might offer only adds to the excitement surrounding the conclusion of this instalment. Fans of the series will be pleased to find answers, gain further insight into the characters’ backgrounds, and uncover a clearer path that ties back to Volume 1.

In “Fall of the School for Good and Evil,” Soman Chainani manages to seamlessly blend fantasy, exploration of complex themes, and compelling character dynamics. This book offers an engaging continuation of the series and pushes the boundaries of storytelling, challenging readers to reexamine traditional notions of Good and Evil while immersing themselves in a world where nothing is as it seems.

Cannot wait for another interesting story by Mr. Chainani!

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