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Book Review: For a Girl in a Star by Ratna Chandu

For a Girl in a Star
Author: Ratna Chandu
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

Life is unpredictable. It takes a lot of effort and will-power to muster courage and fight all odds and survive. Known for throwing storms at the most unexpected moments, life is that game in which it is mandatory for us to participate but winning is optional. ‘For a Girl in a Star’ is an exaggerated version of ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’. A clichéd plot, humdrum twists and turns, overemotional characters and bountiful grammatical errors are what define this novella.

The plot revolves around Avinash, who is a braggart and blunt, and Sahas, who is diligent yet a wallflower. They are tied together by a strong string of friendship that can overcome any storm. But things change when Aarti enters their life. Based on a love triangle that affects the friendship, this story lacks originality. Though the characters complement each other, yet they appear as mere caricatures as I found them lacking depth.

Editing and proofreading remain a glitch in this book and the book fails to leave a positive impression. It is only the plot that helps the readers to hold on to the book. But for the ones who are looking forward to reading something new, this book is not the right choice.

The title of the book could have been different, for ‘For a Girl in a Star’ is not even remotely close to the plot. There are typos and syntactical errors which can be spotted time and again. The story is slow-paced. I wished if there were more characters and some unpredictability in the story.
Best wishes to the authoress!

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