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Book Review: Fun with Maths Series

Fun with Maths
Author: Sonia Mehta
Genre: Children’s book (Academic)
Publishers: Puffin Books

A child’s mind has an easy span. Known to be carefree and impish by nature, it becomes difficult to make them sit for long and coax them to study. To top it all, the subjects aren’t any lesser in number, are they? Well, understanding the dynamics of a child’s brain, Puffin Books have come up with ‘Fun with Maths’ series that will enable the students to learn the basic concepts of Math and also have fun at the same time.

There are six books in this series, each aiming to hone a different skill. Very colourful and interactive, these books cater to the logical reasoning skills, cognitive skills, problem solving skills and fine motor development skills.

  1. Math-o-Logic: This is the first one in the series that focuses on ‘shapes’. The children will get a lot of scope to apply their learning. This book is packed with activities, puzzles, games and thinking exercises.
  2. Math-a-Stick: When using this book, one must equip their child with some ice-cream sticks and a matchbox because there is a lot of sticking and pasting on the go. The book will teach the kids how to solve high-order thinking questions where they will be asked to find a way to remove a certain number of matchsticks so that a certain number of squares remain.
  3. Math-a-Doku: We all love playing Sudoku because it is challenging and fun at the same time. Math-a-Doku will enable young children to learn the tricks and tactics to solve the Sudoku puzzles. The best part of the book is that it is not limited to numbers; there are fruits, colourful letters, shapes, elements of the earth and flowers as well.
  4. Math-a-Maze: This is an amazing attempt to learn the order of months, time of the day, days of the week and numbers. Each order has to be recalled so that the child can make way through the maze. There are hints at every corner and that will motivate the child in learning efficiently.
  5. Math-o-Play: Filled with plenty of brain teasers, this book in the ‘Fun with Maths’ series aims to strengthen the visual recognition in students and also helps in testing their reasoning power, thereby improving their fluency in Math. This book has a lot of activities, riddles and quizzes.
  6. Math-o-Art: Last one in the series, Math-o-Art is is the most basic book that focuses on fun more than focusing on strengthening any skill. The children will get a chance to explore their artistic side with this book.

Overall, this series is good. It will definitely come handy for the parents whose babies are in 2-3 grade or even younger. They will be able to empower their kids and help them grasp mathematical concepts easily. The only thing about this book that is not palatable is the printed price. Such books should fit the budget.

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