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Book Review: HBB Micro Fiction Anthology (Horror) by Multiple Authors

Micro Fiction Anthology (Horror) by Multiple Authors
Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3.5

Even though I do not like watching horror, I have taken a liking towards reading horror. I like the descriptions that are capable of scaring the daylights out of me. Coupled with moments of light humour and dark horror, HBB’s Micro Fiction Anthology is one such book that I liked reading. Right from the very first story ‘Bittersweet’, every story is different from another and that adds to the overall impact of this book.

The concept of ghosts always elicits a debate because some people believe in them and some don’t. What people fail to understand is the fact that horror can be evoked by any sudden event. And that is where this anthology marvels. Right from unprecedented situations to unknown strangers- all the characters and situations give you goosebumps or at least they try. While some of the stories fall flat because of their broad-brush narrative, some, owing to their details and finesse, win your heart right away. I didn’t like the idea behind a sombre cover; it could have been made more interesting. Some of my favourite stories were Bittersweet, Trapped, Man With the Yellow Umbrella and Two Shadows. The editing of the book could have been looked into and that’s one of the areas where it falters.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this collection mainly because the stories were very short and the real talent of saying more using minimum words was expressed beautifully in some of the stories.

Best wishes to all the authors!

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