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Book Review: Heart Quake by Ishita Dekhmukh

Heart Quake
Author: Ishita Deshmukh
Publisher: Lifi Publications
Rating: 3/5

It is said that vulnerability is your greatest asset; it indicates that you are open to bounty and beauty. When you are vulnerable, your heart rages with emotions that otherwise succumb to the slumber. ‘Heartquake’ dates back to 2001 when a natural calamity ravaged lives as well as property. The earth convulsed to such a great degree that the repercussions were alarming. But amidst all the chaos and dread, there was also an overflow of emotions.

Tejas, a fatalist who is languid by nature, falls for his former lover, Sonal. The story traces their quest to find true love amidst crisis. They are the victims of the Bhuj earthquake and their defenselessness (with a little role played by the destiny) leads them to find a companion who would fit the jigsaw puzzle of their lives. Unlike the mundane Bollywood drama, this story flows flawlessly owing to the impeccable selection of vocabulary.

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