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#Review: How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty by Sudha Murthy

How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty
Author: Sudha Murthy
Publisher: Penguinsters

In ‘How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty,’ Sudha Murty beautifully crafts a tale that celebrates the overlooked heroism of the unassuming bamboo tree. Through a charming narrative set in a vibrant forest, the story revolves around the bamboo’s quiet yet invaluable contributions.

The forest queen’s acknowledgement of the bamboo’s service piques the curiosity of all the forest dwellers, setting the stage for exploring the tree’s role in human life. Murty’s storytelling skillfully highlights the bamboo’s usefulness throughout different stages of existence.

Accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Pari Satarkar, this book has a beautiful cover and an immersive narrative story that is quite relevant in the current times.

This book delicately underscores the resilience of forests and the profound significance of their resources. With simplicity and grace, ‘The Unsung Bamboo’ gently nudges readers to appreciate the often unnoticed marvels of nature and the essential gifts they offer to humanity.

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