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#Review: How to Prevent Diabetes by Dorris Woods

How to Prevent Diabetes -I Beat It and You Can Too!
Author: Dorris Woods
Publisher: Reader's Magnet LLC
Rating: 3/5

How to Prevent Diabetes -I Beat It and You Can Too! is a personal and inspiring account of how the author, who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, managed to reverse his condition and achieve a healthy lifestyle. The book is replete with practical tips and advice on how to eat well, exercise regularly, and monitor blood sugar levels. The author also shares his journey of participating in the Los Angeles Marathon and losing 41 pounds, as well as the support he received from his family doctor, who also proofread the book.

I appreciated this book because it was candid, motivational, and informative. The author did not gloss over the challenges and difficulties he faced but showed how he surmounted them with determination and perseverance. The book also provided useful information on the causes, symptoms, and complications of diabetes, as well as the benefits of prevention and treatment. Comprehensible and backed by illustrations that can be handy for anyone seeking information about Diabetes.

One notable drawback of this publication resides in its excessive verbosity and redundancy. The author frequently reiterates identical points and examples throughout the text, resulting in a monotonous and tiresome reading experience. Streamlining the content could have rendered the book more concise without compromising its essence and message. Regrettably, the book falls short in terms of originality and inventiveness, failing to introduce novel insights or perspectives concerning diabetes and its prevention.

In summary, while the publication serves as a valuable and motivating resource for individuals seeking to prevent or manage diabetes, or enhance their overall health and well-being, it lacks the spark of innovation. It underscores the notion that diabetes is not an irrevocable sentence but a manageable condition that can be reversed through appropriate lifestyle choices and medical assistance. Moreover, the book impels readers to establish and attain their objectives while celebrating their accomplishments and advancements. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to those interested in deepening their understanding of diabetes and its prevention strategies.

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