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Book Review: I Shall Always Love You by Shilpa Jain

I Shall Always Love You
Author: Shilpa Jain
Publisher: Srishti Publications
Rating: 3/5

Picasso said that the aim of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls. When one pursues art, his imagination gets wings. A true artist never reproduces someone else’s work. ‘I Shall Always Love You’ is a story that tells a tale full of love, art, passion, desperation, conviction and the intense desire to know more. It oscillates between the present and the past.

The story revolves around Shiv Sanyal, who is a dab hand at painting and sculpting. He has Arjun and Saloni as his close friends. However, Saloni has the hots for Shiv. Shiv’s quest to find his true love leads him to create a masterpiece of art. But his happy days are short-lived because a celebrated critic criticizes his work and accuses him of creating a replica. To find answers, Shiv embarks on a journey that leaves him baffled. Juggling between his identities- Shiv and Rudra, he becomes an apprentice who decides to decipher the mysteries of Khajuraho temples.

Slightly similar to ‘Midnight in Paris’, this novella is unlike the usual romantic fiction. The writing style is smooth and fast. It allows the readers to connect well with the readers. Some of the characters lacked depth though. But the protagonists did justice to the plot. The cover of the book could have been better.

Overall, this offbeat book is not only interesting but also informative.
Best Wishes to the author!

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