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Book Review: Indigo Sun by Rupa Bhullar

Indigo Sun
Author: Rupa Bhullar
Publisher: Rupa Publication
Rating: 2.5/5

After having given Rupa Bhullar’s When the Wildflowers Bloom a try, it was difficult to come to grips with the fact that Indigo Sun is her work too. Indigo Sun was published in 2018. It describes the transformative journey of a young NRI, Maya. Set in Rajasthan, the story explores the pathos of life, the beautiful odyssey of a few strangers who become friends for life and the eventual jaunt towards finding a purpose.

The story pans around the life of Maya and her quest to find herself during her solo travel to Rajasthan. She meets a few people who help her realign her heart with the country where her roots lie and help her reach her haven. The narrative is verbose and elementary. The flavour with which the author tries to explain the delicate details relevant to the Indian culture feels bland. Also, the route to the climax is usual and not tortuous at all!

Unlike what one might expect, Indigo Sun is a blend of several facts about India and its beautiful culture. The problem lies in how this information has been interspersed in the narrative. The lack of action further adds to the monotony. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that’s more worded and doesn’t have many dialogues, this will be a good bet. There are grammatical and printing errors too!

Best wishes to the author!

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