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#Review: Masala Chai for the Soul by Jairam Menon

Masala Chai for the Soul
Author: Jairam N. Menon
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Rating: 3.5/5

Masala Chai for the Soul by Jairam N. Menon offers a lighthearted attempt at dispelling myths and providing life advice, but it falls short of being the ‘ultimate’ guide it claims to be. While the conversational style is enjoyable, the book tends to rely heavily on humour, often at the expense of depth and substance.

The eclectic mix of wisdom from various sources, ranging from Aristotle to stand-up comedians, makes for an interesting but somewhat disjointed read. The book’s attempt to cover a broad spectrum of life’s facets may leave readers wanting a more focused and cohesive exploration.

Jairam Menon’s satirical approach may resonate with those seeking a casual, amusing read, but it may not fully satisfy readers looking for a more profound understanding of the ‘how-to’ aspects promised. The advice offered, though occasionally amusing, lacks the nuance needed for practical application in everyday life.

In essence, Masala Chai for the Soul serves up a light and frothy concoction of wisdom but leaves the reader yearning for a more substantial and well-rounded brew to truly navigate the complexities of life.

P.S. The cover is lovely.

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