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Book Review: #Maybe Love, Maybe Not by Santosh Vihari

Maybe Love, Maybe Not

Author: Santosh Vihari
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 2.5/5

Love is an uncanny feeling. While at one point, you might feel the sudden surge of oxytocin in your body and the very next moment, the levels drop drastically. One doesn’t decide when and how to fall in love; it just happens without giving a prior warning. Based on this incomprehensible concept is the short story #Maybe Love, Maybe Not.

The story revolves around Sneha, a student of architecture and Preetam, who is a writer at heart. When these two meet by happenstance, Preetam is bitten by the love bug and in the due course of time, he loses his heart to Sneha. But Sneha is impulsive and thus, takes a long time to realize her love for Preetam. The question here is whether time and love work hand-in-hand? Often opportunity doesn’t knock on the door twice. But humans do not understand that, do they?

Woven together using mawkish situations, the author uses a fast-paced narrative to complete the story. Thus, the characters haven’t been explored in-depth and they appear as mere caricatures. There are a few editing errors too (specifically punctuation mistakes) that calls for another round of proofreading. The second part of the book comprises the author’s short notes, articles, quotes and micro-tales. Though it is interesting to read these smaller bits, I couldn’t really understand the purpose of their inclusion in this book.

Nevertheless, the author’s writing style is catchy and doesn’t get boring. This makes this book a quick read.

Best wishes to the author!

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