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Book Review: My Friend Genie by Suhas Inamdar

My Friend Genie
Author: Suhas Inamdar
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5

Do you remember watching ‘I Dream of Genie’ during your childhood? Wasn’t it wonderful to watch such a show where magic let your imagination run wild and also promised entertainment and fun? Well, magic has now come printed on paper, for My Friend Genie promises runic moments and entertaining conversation between a human and a supernatural being.

Wishful yet earnest Arun is a typical middle-class man who yearns to do so much more in life but life keeps tossing his boat every now and then. When all hope is lost, he gets lucky and finds a ring that helps him meet a Genie. Amidst a fictional plot, the author deftly weaves a story so taut and interesting that does not preach the importance of magical realism. Instead, this story finds its base in a runic setting and elevates itself to finally transform into a didactic narrative. Neatly edited yet often verbose, I liked the premise of this book because it is quite different from what the usual is there in the market. However, I really wished that the long part towards the end, where the author has made a desperate attempt to throws some insights on how one’s confidence is one’s very own genie, was cut short.

Nevertheless, My Friend Genie is an interesting tale that has a collation of magic, love, twists and turns! A one-time read!

Best wishes to the author!

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