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Book Review: No Illusions in Xanadu by Ruby Gupta

No Illusions in Xanadu
Author: Ruby Gupta
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Rating: 3/5

I enjoy reading murder mysteries because they have the ability to keep you hooked to your seat until the very last moment. After a long haul, I finally chanced upon No Illusions in Xanadu and it would be an understatement if I say that the book passes the muster.

This story traces the aftermath of Rajvir’s murder. Rajvir, a top-notch actor, is found dead in his study. The murder weapon is found easily yet the police are unable to knit all threads together. Helpless and hapless, they try everything but to no avail. Layered writing and continuing narrative add to the mystery as several new characters are introduced. Rajvir’s personality is revealed gradually and the instant hatred towards him becomes unavoidable because of his keen interest in women. A handsome lothario, Rajvir has a wife, Pallavi, and two children, Mridula and Amar. He has an illegitimate relationship with another woman, Jyotika and has a son with her, Chandra Prakash. Sociable and quite an extrovert, Rajvir has a vast circle of friends and some of them who form the pivot of the plot include Dinkar and Professor Shantanu.

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