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Book Review: Not Worth Living For by Shreyan Laha

Not Worth Living For
Author: Shreyan Laha
Publisher: Big Foot Publications
Rating: 3/5

The stories based on the concept of the utopian world always fascinate the readers. The mere idea of living in a cloud-cuckoo-land sounds so alluring, isn’t it? ‘Not Worth Living For’ is an offbeat story about two parallel worlds. While one of the worlds runs parallel to our own reality, the other seems more like an anti-utopian world where people are grotesque and are a promoter of the avant-garde. Unlike the usual love stories, this story is well-thought and well-implemented.

‘Not Worth Living For’ narrates a tale of Ishita and Shweta who are akin; their lives twisted around the same dark secret! While one (Ishita) struggles her way through the turmoil that life offers in the real world, the other (Shweta) finds it difficult to find allies on a strange planet called Isthenope.

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