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Book Review: OGD by Anusha Ravishankar

Anusha Ravishankar
Duckbill Publishers

Anusha Ravishanker is back yet again with another nonsensical prose that is as clear as mud! OGD is a story about Messiah, who sets out on an unprecedented journey to uncover some truths and in the process discover so many other lies. Loaded with satire and antithesis, this book is one of its kind. You will need both patience and a free mind to understand what lies behind the facade of balderdash!

Messiah is different; she is born with a foot in her mouth. When she grows up, her resilience and her curiosity to question everything that is not backed by logic irk the people around her. Well, it’s all great till Messiah becomes a part of the big picture and has to convince the people around her that she is just different, not abnormal. Messiah’s quirky remarks and her audacity to argue the toss metaphorically represent all those who have the courage to take a stand. Even though at times, the narrative becomes quite confusing and makes your brain cells tickle, it doesn’t take long to understand the underlying message!

If not the best, I liked this book for its variety. It did give me a tough time, for it was time-consuming. But I think the children are going to have fun while understanding what makes Messiah, Messiah!

Best wishes to the author!

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