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Book Review: Ping! by Rashi Dubey

Author: Rashi Dubey
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Rating: 3/5

Millennial love is different from the love of the 90s. The former lacks the innocence and patience. ‘Ping!’ is set in the year 2004 when chat messengers acted as a catalyst in bringing two people close. These chat rooms were like dates where getting to know each other became easier because the fear of communicating face-to-face wasn’t there.

The story is a mushy love tale that revolves around a pragmatic Riddhi and a doting Aarush. Their personalities are like chalk and cheese but when cupid strikes, they embark on the journey together ignoring the differences. Online dating wasn’t that popular back then but the chat messengers, be it Yahoo or Gmail, were the best things since sliced bread. Riddhi and Aarush, in love with each other, hold on to any port in the storm and successfully enjoy the moments of nuptial bliss. But does happiness come that easy?

Written with lucid narrative, the story progresses smoothly and the happy ending is reached. The plot is clichéd- boy meets girl online and then love blossoms. They say that if it does not involve walking on fire, it is not love. I believe this. ‘Ping!’ lacks tautness. It is so simple. All the characters never leave their La La Land; they get everything at their beck and call. Their utopian world seems too illusory!

There are some typos in the book. Nevertheless, the plot is interesting. For all those who like watching the predictable rom-coms on TV, this book will come across as a delightful read!

Overall, the story is an interesting one-time read!
Best wishes to the author!

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