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Book Review: Priyanka Chopra by Aseem Chhabra

Priyanka Chopra
Author: Aseem Chhabra
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Known for her modest background and meticulous nature, the former Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra, has not left any stone unturned to pave the path for her success. Riveting and ravishing, she rules the stage whenever she steps foot on it. Known for her intense roles in blockbusters like ‘Hero- Love Story of a Spy’, ‘Krrish’, ‘Don’, ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Quantico’ and ‘Fashion’, she is one of those few actresses who are always in the news. Her engagement with Nick Jonas was the latest buzz. Hailing from Bareilly, Priyanka is a self-made woman who knows how to keep problems at bay. Her biography by Aseem Chhabra is like a treasure trove that holds a lot of information about her personal life and lifestyle.

Written after a lot of research and prior knowledge, ‘Priyanka Chopra’ is a book that sums up all that has been said and seen by the protagonist. The author compiles all the interviews together and whirls a narrative that depicts the journey that is inspiring. However, reading this book was equivalent to skimming on the waters. Not even at one instance did I feel that the anchor had touched the sea-bed. It is all cursory; it lacks depth. Since Priyanka is not the one who has contributed in this book, the only scaffold that the author offers us is the interviews and the transcripts of the chat shows. We don’t get to see what is behind the façade of reel life. As a reader, our minds are not satiated with the information provided in this book.

A potpourri of emotions, Priyanka’s life is not a bed of roses. Her ‘never say die’ attitude has won the hearts of millions. And that is what the author highlights in the book. He begins with Priyanka’s impish nature and her welcoming outlook towards life and goes on to retell the story of the actress in the making. Her struggles were infinite- right from finding good movies, bagging roles to learning spoken American accent and grabbing the opportunity to become one of the highest paid actresses in the world- her journey is evangelizing!

The book comes in hardback cover and has a lot of pictures to tell the tale. Unfortunately, those pictures are not unfamiliar (thanks to Google). I have read other biographies too and the key feature of a biography is to project that side of the story that is not common to all. This book lacks originality.

Overall, this book is a good bet for the ones who want to revisit Chopra’s life and empathize with her. The story will definitely inspire and instil confidence.

Best wishes to the author!

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