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#Review: Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey

Really Good, Actually
Author: Monica Heisey
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Monica Heisey’s debut novel, “Really Good, Actually,” takes readers on an uproarious and heartfelt journey through the ups and downs of modern relationships and the aftermath of divorce. With sharp wit and an uncanny ability to capture the essence of millennial life, Heisey presents a story that is both hilarious and profound.

The story revolves around Maggie, a Surprisingly Young Divorcée, who finds herself navigating the complexities of being single again at the age of twenty-nine. Through her witty and self-deprecating narrative, we witness Maggie’s determination to embrace her new status while grappling with insecurities and societal expectations.

Heisey’s writing style is intoxicating, blending humour and depth effortlessly. She addresses the universal questions surrounding marriage and personal fulfilment, providing readers with a relatable exploration of modern love and friendship. The author’s background as a screenwriter shines through in her ability to craft vivid and engaging scenes that play out like a movie in the reader’s mind.

The characters in “Really Good, Actually” are vibrant and memorable. From Maggie’s high-intensity divorced friend Amy to the group chat that becomes a haven for oversharing, each character adds a unique flavour to the story. Heisey’s knack for dialogue makes the interactions feel authentic, and readers will find themselves invested in the lives of these relatable individuals.

One of the novel’s strengths is its ability to balance humour with genuine emotional depth. Heisey delves into the complexities of loss, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness, creating a narrative that is not only wildly funny but also thought-provoking. Readers will find themselves laughing out loud one moment and contemplating life’s bigger questions the next.

“Really Good, Actually” has already garnered significant attention and for good reason. Heisey’s sharp and observant writing style, coupled with her ability to capture the essence of the millennial experience, makes this debut novel a standout in contemporary fiction. It offers a fresh and relatable perspective on relationships, paving the way for Heisey to become an author to watch.

In summary, “Really Good, Actually” is a hilarious and addictive debut that effortlessly combines humour, wisdom, and relatability. Monica Heisey’s distinctive voice shines through in this engaging narrative, providing readers with a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.

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