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#Review: She’ll Never Make It by Masoom Minawala

She’ll Never Make It : My Journey From Doubt to Dominance
Author: Masoom Minawala
Publisher: Juggernaut
Rating: 4/5

“She’ll Never Make It : My Journey From Doubt to Dominance ” is a compelling and brutally honest account of Masoom Minawala’s journey from being ridiculed and doubted to becoming one of India’s top influencer-creators. Through her candid narrative, Masoom shares the struggles, setbacks, and triumphs she faced on her path to success, inspiring readers to overcome obstacles and chase their dreams relentlessly.

Masoom’s story resonates deeply with ambitious young women who often encounter skepticism and criticism when pursuing unconventional paths. Her resilience and determination serve as a beacon of hope, showing readers that with perseverance and grit, anything is possible. The book is not just a memoir but a practical guide filled with Masoom’s invaluable insights and secrets on building a new-age business and thriving in a dynamic world.

As someone who followed Masoom’s journey because of her dedication to promoting Indian artists and her unwavering confidence, I was eager to delve into her story. I was captivated by her authenticity and impressed by her ability to gracefully navigate challenges, including balancing work and motherhood. “She’ll Never Make It” is a testament to Masoom’s courage, strength, and unwavering determination, making it an indispensable read for Indian women who refuse to be defined by others’ expectations.

Worth a try!

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