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Book Review: Shy Anger by Kelsey R. Banerjee

Shy Anger
Poet: Kelsey Ray Banerjee
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 3.5/5

Every human comprises vices and virtues. The battle between the two is often a bone of contention though. To be able to understand the diabolical effect vices have on our mind is a different ballgame altogether. Based on a number of topics ranging from understanding emotions, identifying their source/agent, experiencing the changes these emotions bring about to accepting them to be omnipresent and also omnipotent- this collection of 100 poems explores the pathos and ethos that govern the key emotion- anger. Often anger is passive and more harmful. The poet deftly portrays the aftermath of experiencing situations where passive aggression or even explosive anger deteriorate the state of mind and its well-being.

If I have understood it right, the poet uses the experiences of a ‘wanderer’, who is the poet herself in the garb of a free-spirited and free-willed individual, to form these free verses. The poetry collection is divided into three parts: Logos, Pathos and Ethos. Ethos, pathos and logos together are the three modes of persuasion (first defined by Aristotle). These modes are also referred to as ‘The Appeals’ that come in handy to understand the art of effective speaking or writing. Here, I think ‘Logos’ is a metaphorical reference for the symbols or signs that help us identify anger, ‘Pathos’ is the quality of experience we have when our mind is clouded by anger and ‘Ethos’ consists of several allusions that establish the credibility of the poet. Using these three segments along with vivid imagery and metaphorical references, the poet has designed a book so apt that it will definitely cater to all the Literature lovers.

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