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Book Review: Slave Technology by Biju P R

Slave Technology
Author: Biju P R
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Rating: 3/5

How often have we realized that we miss out on the pleasures of life because we are mostly preoccupied with our smartphones? Even though smartphones have offered us a smarter way of leading our lives, we have forgotten what it is to be independent. This is not only limited to the use of phones; the use of the internet, in any form, is equally responsible for our insipid life. One might argue the toss and claim that it is because of the internet that we are alert, aware and able to access entertainment at our beck and call. But what one doesn’t realize is the fact that our social skills have been completely quashed.

‘Slave Technology’ by Biju P R issues a clarion call to all the people who are unintentionally confined within the invisible boundaries set by the technology. Just like the two sides of a coin, Technology, too, has its share of benefits and drawbacks. In this book, the author highlights the negatives that are associated with this idea. Quoting anecdotes of people who are avid users of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, he explains how inticing these platforms are and it is all the more difficult to abstain from using these. Linking the aftereffects of technology with the mindset of the society, the author intersects the purpose and intention behind the posts that are shared on these social media platforms. Other than providing entertainment, certain posts also promote hatred among people. Where on one hand we try to fit into the contemporary world by redefining our set of beliefs and notions, the old dogmas somehow manage to make way into our lives and force us to follow the blind alleyway. Thus, in his book, the author makes it quite clear that one should have an open mind to reject technology when need be. Not only will this help maintain peace and harmony in the world but will also help in the personal growth of an individual.

Written with a personal touch, ‘Slave Technology’ pierces the facade created by the internet and quotes experiences that help us realize how, in the garb of interaction and social networking, the internet brews socials evils that plague the society. Cyberbullying, racist comments, sexist remarks, hate campaigns, scams, frangible relationships and rumours. I liked the unequivocal and unhesitating narrative. Lucid language further aids in enjoying the reading experience.

Best wishes to the author!

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