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#Review: Snippets from My Backyard by Bhaswati K.

Snippets from My Backyard
Author: Bhaswati Khasnabis
Publisher: InkQuills Publishing House
Rating: 3.5/5

This poignant memoir delves into the raw emotions and personal journey of loss, chronicling the author’s ten-year relationship and the profound impact of losing a spouse to cancer. The book intricately weaves together personal battles, emotional growth, and the looming spectre of mortality through heartfelt poetry. It serves as a courageous confrontation with the inevitable, using words as a lifeline amidst the tumultuous waves of grief. The author’s ability to navigate through pain while embracing the power of expression is truly moving, making this memoir an ode to resilience and the enduring strength of the human spirit.

Despite the elementary writing style, the tapestry of emotions brought forth is worth investing time in. Also, this collection is not merely a collection of poems. It has anecdotal narratives too. They are promising as they help one peel the vulnerable layer and affect the right chord when the words carry the weight of sorrow and longing.

Overall, it’s a good bet if you’re not a Grammar nazi. Those looking for a linguistic flair would also not have enough to enjoy. The simplicity is the charm here.

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