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SPOTLIGHT: Half Hour of Silence by JK Sellers

Half Hour of Silence
By JK Sellers
Dystopian Sci-Fi Suspense Novel


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live at the end of the world as we know it?
Reading Half Hour of Silence is like reading today’s headlines. Riots rage across the world, fueled by violent revolutionaries. Wars are being fought on every continent. Deep political divisions are tearing our country apart. Are these events planned for a malevolent purpose? Are there unseen forces stoking the fires of hate, creating chaos to burn our nation down? Read this Apocalyptic End-Times Thriller and discover the shocking possibilities that lie behind our headlines and our future.

Half Hour of Silence is the first book of The Harvest at Earth’s End series (THEE). It is set in an alternate future where the battle between God and Satan is winding down to its final conclusion. In this, The Harvest at Earth’s End’s universe, Satan, called Heylel by those he has chosen to represent him on earth, concludes his final designs for the conquest of earth. With him at his side are his mortal servants called the Mustirmahani, a secret order whose origin fades back into man’s distant past.

Half Hour of Silence is an apocalyptic thriller where you will meet the average people who will become either heroes or villains depending on the choices they make in this the last battle at the end of the world. This gritty saga tells the story of the men and women living through the desperate trials we will face, and recounts their struggle to survive the conflict between God and Satan. The conclusion is foreordained. But how will they live it? That is the adventure!

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Character Sketches

Marine Raider Staff Sergeant Richard Dawson, aka ‘Cowboy’, is an avowed atheist, who battles the unseen demons of a veteran who has faced the havoc of combat countless times. After the death of his grandfather, he returns home to care for his grandmother and the farm he grew up on. Along the way he finds a son he never knew existed and a love he never knew he had.
Katrina Kamp, retired nurse, single mother, and horse rancher. Kat left her nursing career to help her injured father run his horse ranch. Kat is devoted to her God, her son, her parents and their ranch, in that order. Kat knows what she must do to survive the terrible times facing the world.
Eddie Connolly, is a Metro Police Detective, fired falsely for charges of corruption, must rebuild his life in a failing economy. Eddie is a combatant in the trenches of the ongoing War in Heaven, who struggles to regain the spiritual strength he once had. Along the way he discovers a mentor, a friend, and a plot that may kill tens of thousands
Nick McCleary is a mercenary who sold his soul and combat skills to the dark side. He loves what he does, is exceptionally good at it, and doesn’t care who he kills to get the job done.
Tony Bellini, a staunch Catholic who loves his family dearly and faces what every man dread, failure as a husband and father. Tony confronts the dark forces that plan to take control of this nation and must unleash the monster he keeps hidden deep within to fight them.
Teresa Bellini, wife of Tony and mother of three teenage children. Teresa is afraid. Afraid that her husband is sleeping with another woman. Afraid that she can no longer care for her failing handicapped daughter. Afraid she won’t be able to stop herself from sliding into that dark pit that has no bottom. Only one person can help her with her nightmares.
Heylel, more commonly known as Lucifer, the god of this world who is at war with Jehovah. (See interview below.)
The Mustirmahani, an ancient order created millennia ago by Heylel to assist him in the defeat of his ancient enemy, Jehovah, and His followers. There is an unseen, monumental battle that is raging over the future of this world. The Mustirmahani desperately want to win it.
Seth Blackburn, a callous and ruthless, anarchist leader, who loves the chaos and violence in the streets plaguing our cities today. Seth is faced with a choice, to join forces with evil, or be executed for treason. Will he unite with those who want to rule the rest of mankind and serve Heylel?
Major General David Nassi, commander of the 890th Paratroop Battalion of the Israeli Defense Forces. Nassi is a devout Jew who wants to restore the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount and will risk everything to do it.
Talia Naimon, Shin Bet Operator for the Israel Security Agency and squad leader. Her squad gave her the name of Nemerah, which means leopardess. It is a very apt name. She is as beautiful and graceful as a leopard and just as deadly. Talia faces an enemy determined to stop her and her team at any costs.

To Pre-order a discounted, autographed, hardcover edition of Half Hour of Silence go to the Kickstarter Page and make a pledge and you will get the ebook for FREE! (Link above)

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