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#Review: The 12-week Fitness Project Rujuta Diwekar

The 12-week Fitness Project
Author: Rujuta Diwekar
Publisher: Juggernaut Publications
Rating: 4/5

I have liked reading Rujuta Diwekar’s take on dieting and lifestyle changes because of her pragmatic and logical approach towards foods and their qualities. Hence, this 12-week fitness project was one of the books that I had sought eagerly. Backed by clinical research and trials, this book offers rigorous training for twelve weeks and claims to help you lose inches and develop a happy gut.

Keeping in mind the common health conditions like diabetes, PMS, Thyroid, etc, this guide works for individuals who are determined to incorporate changes in their lifestyle and have a keen mindset for standing their ground and keeping the cravings at bay. Right from the explanation of human biology and psychology regarding food, this book has all the necessary suggestions for eating right and indulging in sufficient physical activity. Another feature about Rujuta’s diet plans is her simplicity with food. For people like me who aren’t motivated to go the extra mile when it comes to cooking extra healthy food along with the daily chores, this guide has recipes/ diet charts that are easy to follow.

Overall, the 12-week Fitness Project is practical and should prove helpful. I haven’t tried it myself yet owing to time constraints but I plan on taking its help soon.

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