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#Review: The Art of Talking with Children by Rebecca Rolland

The Art of Talking with Children
Author: Rebecca Rolland
Publisher: Harper Collins, India
Rating: 5/5

The current times are unsuitable for the right development of the children into kind, compassionate and responsible adults. While the kids are hard-pressed for performing better and outsmarting all the other kids whom they know, they are under all-time scrutiny because of the permanence of social media and omnipresent judgemental glares from the society. Therefore, to talk with them with the intention of motivating them, at the same time, guiding them on the right path, is a herculean task.

The Art of Talking with Children has been written by a certified speech-language pathologist, Rebecca Rolland, who promises to help the parents, teachers and all adults in having a fruitful and impactful conversation with the children. The book comprises several anecdotes that help in substantiating the tips provided by the author. Right from explaining what a rich conversation actually is to demonstrating through examples how to combat language challenges and misconceptions, this book offers advice and solutions. All it will take is thinking before speaking and encouraging the children to find a safe haven at home, with the parents, to develop kindness and empathy.

I found this book particularly useful because of my work profile. Dealing with umpteen number of students on a daily basis isn’t easy and often one tends to give way to frustration and end up speaking without thinking. Not that just by reading this book I will be careful before speaking. It’s just that after reading the anecdotes, I can safely relate to what most people go through and can at least try to strive towards being more compassionate and kind.

A recommended read for all adults!

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