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Book Review: The Champak Story Box

The Champak Story Box
Rupa Publication

Since childhood, my fascination for children’s magazines and comics has never reduced even by an ounce. Upon knowing that Champak is back in the bookstores with a new look, I was eager to get my hands on this story box. The experience of reading these three books has been amazingly satisfying. Though in the very first look one can say that the quality of the paper has immensely improved, one cannot keep their eyes off the beautiful and colourful illustrations, numerous puzzles and riddles that will force you to wrack your brain and stories that have highlighted words for special emphasis.

The Champak Story Box comes with three books- volume 1,2 and 3. Each book has numerous stories that impart moral lessons on kindness and empathy, the qualities that the world needs the most. Through fables and parables, the book makes sure to entertain the kids and adults alike. Remember the ‘join the dots’ and ‘find the way home’ pages? Well, these books have them too and you cannot abstain from scribbling on these soft pages!

After a long, long time, reading Champak was a breath of fresh air because I got to relive those carefree days. This is a must-buy for every parent (for themselves and of course, for their kids).

Thank you Rupa Publication.
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