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#Review: The Chowpatty Cooking Club by Lubaina Bandukwala

The Chowpatty Cooking Club
Author: Lubaina Bandukwala
Publisher: Duckbill Publishers

The Chowpatty Cooking Club is an erudite and lucid account of a horrifying yet intricately inspiring account in the history of our country. Set in Bombay (1942), three young friends set out on a journey to contribute their bit in the ongoing freedom struggle. What lies in store for the readers is a strange delicacy that’s cooking in the Chowpatty Cooking Club that’s known to share recipes and indulge in pure food bliss. The ladies take the freedom struggle to next level with their secrecy and modus operandi. Hence, Chowpatty Cooking Club forms the crux of this story.

The author is careful while attending to the most vulnerable and fierce human stories: the loneliness of the families that have been separated from their loved ones, the desperation of every individual, young or old, to participate in the freedom struggle and feel worthy and the involvement of innocent children in the revolutionary movement in their own innovative ways. The writing is simple yet evocative. This is the first book in the freedom series that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There’s something for every age group. While this story gives a sneak-peak into the closely-knit community that fought for freedom rather than allow the shallow shackles to break their unity, it also takes the adults down memory lane. A nice blend of emotions and experiences, The Chowpatty Cooking Club is a delicious read.

Best wishes to the author!

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