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Book Review: The Corona Diaries by Gurjeevan Singh

The Corona Diaries
Poet: Gurjeevan Singh
Publisher: Self-published
Rating: 2.5/5

These are trying times and keeping one’s sanity intact seems to be the toughest task at hand. While there are several people out there who have no respite even in the times of pandemic, there are some who are doing their bit by using words, art, music and dance. Through art, these people are trying their best to blow away the cobwebs of sadness and despair. Amidst these circumstances, several books are being self-published and these books are helping people cope with the home-bound situation. The Corona Diaries is one such book that comprises of genuine and heartfelt verses that have been written from the poet’s heart.

The Corona Diaries is a collection of 21 poems that evoke emotions of sympathy, anger, nostalgia and realization. Flowy versus do have an intentional rhyme that, at times, sounds frustrating. Even though I completely understand the creative license that can be utilized when writing prose or poetry, I fail to fathom the ignorance when it comes to using correct terminal punctuation marks. For instance, I cannot understand the purpose of using rhyme in such a way- Hasn’t the inner Being an outlet find? There are points in poems where the oddity in the rhyme scheme acts as a breaker but still I would like to appreciate the poet for using vivid imagery to bring forth the essence of his poems.

Some of my favourites are If Soldiers Could Work From Home Too and Let Us Travel With the Books.
Overall, The Corona Diaries is a breezy read. I found the title a little ambiguous but many might just be fine with how it is. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Best wishes to the author!

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