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#Review: The Egghead Detective Agency by Pika Nani

The Egghead Detective Agency
Author: Pika Nani
Publisher: Penguinsters

“Egghead Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Ghost” is a delightful addition to the series, packed with intrigue, humor, and plenty of ‘egg-citement’! Tam and Ant, along with their spectral sidekick Egghead, embark on another thrilling adventure that will captivate readers of all ages. The story arc is engaging, with twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end. The characters are lovable and well-developed, each bringing their unique strengths to the investigation. Personally, I loved the incorporation of Solve It Yourself clues and interactive elements, allowing readers to join in on the sleuthing fun. With its clever mysteries and endearing protagonists, this book is a must-read for fans of detective fiction and ghostly adventures alike!

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