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Book Review: The Girl Next Door by Arpit Vageria

The Girl Next Door
Author: Arpit Vageria
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 2.5/5

Love can be found under the most uncanny circumstances. Whether one is as happy as Larry or morose, love can make its way and change the way the heart feels. That’s how love enters Ishaan’ life- when he least expects it. ‘The Girl Next Door’ is based on love and its nuances. The story revolves around two strangers who befriend each other amidst the pandemic only to discover that their paths would converge and they would be destined together forever.

While Ishaan’s plan of staying as far as possible from his family fails, destiny’s plan is put into action when he decides to go and stay with his family for a while. Cupid enters his life and he falls in love with ‘the girl next door’, Ruhi. Both of them battle the complexities that the new Aquavirus brings in everyone’s life. In the process, they also get a chance to introspect and realize the value of family and sacrifice. Several bonds are renewed and other severed.

‘The Girl Next Door’ is a quick read that has some parts that are quite relatable- like that of falling in love with your neighbour, sharing those sweet moments of joy with your family, the usual squabbles and the severity of certain decisions. At the same time, some of the parts are so unrelatable that I failed to identify any coherence. The unexplored premise of Auqavirus, Nakul’s role in the story and underdeveloped characters of Ruhi and Ishaan failed to impress me. Sadly, the book doesn’t live up to the hue and cry it created. The writing style of the author is confusing. Using anastrophe (change in the order of words) almost everywhere, the readers might lose the thread time and again.

Overall, I wouldn’t call this book a bestseller at any cost. If someone is looking for something really light and doesn’t mind the language used, this book can be picked. I wouldn’t recommend this though.

Best wishes to the author!

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