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Book Review: The Golden Eagle by Deepak Dalal

The Golden Eagle
Author: Deepak Dalal
Publisher: Penguin Publishers

There have been numerous stories that use birds as an example and teach life lessons to humans. One such story that I completely fell in love with was Chicken Soup’s The Sense of a Goose. Fortunately, I can happily admit that I have come across another one of the same calibre. ‘The Golden Eagle’ by Penguin Publishers is another lovely book for children that comes along with beautiful and realistic illustrations and a narrative that not only binds but also educates the young readers. This is another addition to the Feather Series by the same author.

As Shikar, the jovial squirrel embarks on an emotional journey to find out about his origin and his long lost parents, Lovey and Dovey, his favourite pair of doves, retell the sequence of events that brought them all together in the Rose Garden. While Kabul, Shikar’s foster mother, is away, Lovey takes charge of making Shikar feel loved and valued again.

A gripping narrative and on-point twists, ‘The Golden Eagle’ touches upon various themes like loving oneself and accepting oneself, fighting for what is right and trusting those you love. The story also encourages everyone to accept one’s flaws and take pride in being different.

Acting as a cherry on the cake are the brilliant illustrations (kudos to Krishna Bala Shenoi) that are neat and bring the characters to life. Regal, the royal eagle, is one to be adored.

Overall, this book will be loved and enjoyed by all children. A must-buy for the parents!

Best wishes to the author!

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